Dona course realisation

Mostly my thoughts all from my experience(life) and I start generat many thoughts from them.

“ Im a failure person.”

No matter how hard I do my best, when face a problem, Ifailed to handle everything. Fail to handle my emotion and thought.

When I realised all that happen has connected with my failure thought, I start to realise why I hardly stand up after I fall. Now I wish I can build new thought. Positive vibe in me. Iwant to be more confident.


Conversation and discussion is important
Feel more calm and peaceful
Stress reduce
Mind more clarify and no tangle up
My mood and thought also under control

I feel more calm, peace, mindset less mess up. My mind not so struggle to think to avoid on every worry and scene that created by myself. I realise everything happen has connection with my thought. How I look at them, label them in my mind and create the scenario according to my thought.

I realise every dream and goal that I set, I need to start with my mindset and thought.


1. Changing mindset is not a goal but is a solution so you can reach your goal move easily
2. Many conclusion done by mixed up thoughts
3. Many things happen in front us will create thoughts in our brain that will affect our life journey. *Everyone deserve a real happy life. Don’t let own thoughts lock us and live in miserable life.
4. We actually can identify that negative thoughts and delete them by ourselves
5. We can control our mind wisely if we know how to do it and do it correctly
6. I’m really felt grateful to have a session with DNP program and they help me by digging me out from my locked box. Thank you so much.






“我是一个失败的人。” 无论我多么努力,当面对问题时,我都未能处理好一切。未能处理好我的情绪和想法。当我意识到所有发生的事情都与我的失败想法有关时,我开始意识到为什么我在跌倒后很难站起来。现在我希望我能建立新的想法。在我身上产生积极的氛围。我想变得更加自信。

















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