Founder’s Story

Self-proclaimed extraordinary, I’ve never thought that God actually gave me an extraordinary gift, a gift that definitely no one wants to exchange with me. Before I have the boldness to open the gift, I asked: Why me! How can I be so misfortune? As the sensitive personality of Aries’ characteristic, I can read the air as well as detect the subtle temperature and embarrassment between people; I’m capable straightway to empathize and act as a communication bridge for business partners. But I really can’t realize why God has arranged an irreversible mischief in my beautiful life.

The ruthlessness from human being may be even more horrible than hell! A car accident nearly ruined my life and destroyed my future, the only thing left are my consciousness and sharp pain gnawing at my nerves. Yes, it hurts; IT IS SO DAMN HURT! I used to be the person who always put myself in other people’s shoes, then why are they so selfish to me now? I can feel the cruelty of purgatory at the height of my wheelchair! I used to be good at getting along with people, but now I see through human nature. I choose to remain silent for a long time, anyway, the high credits accumulated in the first half of my life have been ruthlessly zeroed. But at least I still have one place where I am free: that’s my conscious and subconscious. I think, therefore I am; subconsciously, I think, therefore I can!

Why should I frame my life in terms of the “happiness” from general social defines? Why should I interfere my emotions according to others’ sorrows and joys? I have more time than before to re-examine my conscious mind and travel into my subconscious mind, such as: “untie shackles of separated heart”, “knock out the torture tools of persistent heart”, “shut the mouth up with complaining, grumbling, boasting”, I become more wisdom to see clearly the gains and losses by l leaving the world’s endless comparison game. When I look at my shriveled and twisted palms, then I’m thinking of my father’s encouragement: “Fate is like your own palm prints, always on your own hands.” Finally, I want to open this gift from God’s joke to find out what treasures are actually inside.

The subtle thoughts unlocked my capability of subconsciously communication to re-modify the algorithm of life value can be, to solve the riddle from the bits and pieces of my extraordinary life material. Just like the things bother people day after days: Anxiety to Wealth Insufficiency, Gossip Panic Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Fear of Failure, Love Delusions, Ignorance Epilepsy, Emotional Blackmail Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Health Obsession, Preaching Addiction……etc.

Let me ask, can you still feel the messages from your subconscious mind if you have experienced the above symptoms? Everyone has difficulties and challenges in life, no matter the one who is rich or poor. The answer has already been programmed into the subconscious mind to guide the way for one’s life. People cannot feel the energy of the subconscious mechanics while trapped by one’s own emotions. What is even more pathetic and ridiculous is that people are exhausted to stop the cosmic messages which transferring by one’s subconscious mind day by day. In fact, there is nothing bad in the world. Through the “DNP subconscious transformation project” to enhance subconscious communication, it’s naturally able to repair individual’s physical and mental disabilities as well as the abundant power of immediate awaken, then possess the magic power of perfecting everything , in order to practice innate freedom.

The boundless subconscious is filled with infinite thoughts. Train yourself and the ability of subconscious transformation first, in order to truly understand and act in accordance with the regulations of the universe. We are like twilight stars orbiting in a dark universe. We are not people who stuck in a dark world. We are the shining stars that create positive energy, can redeem all the shortcomings that one thinks. Clarify the pattern of life and take full responsibility for imperfections. Indeed, the pattern of life determines the outcome; your behavior at this moment will also affect whether you have a perfect period with no regrets.

“Fate is like your own palm prints, always on your own hands.” The encouragement from my father’s love is deeply planted in my subconscious mind. Now I have developed it into a set of systematic courses, and I would like to thank my father for his amazing guidance.

“Fate is like your own palm prints, always in your own hands.” The encouragement words from my Father’s love is deeply planted in my subconscious mind.