Yvonne Chu

Have you ever wondered why is that certain nightmares or fears that you have just keep coming back no matter how and what you have done ?


Prior to me understanding my own human design, I never realise painful tragedy that took place in our past life will repeat by itself like a movie being watched repeatedly.


Being a child trafficker in my past life has shape my mind that there is no easy way to get a lot of money unless we practise the notorious way.  The word “ earning money is hard” has been haunting me and make me fearing for the future. I do not trust life and I must plan and be prepared for every future event. This mindset makes me leading a super busy life just like those ants who never stop working until the day they die. I never stop and pause for a moment and ponder, what is my best gift in this life that I should use it to help others so as to make my life more meaningful instead of just busy busy busy ?


In my past, I steal from the poor and make a fortune out of it. And this is easy money. If I were to turn it around in this life, I would want to share my skill to help ladies to upgrade themselves especially how to multiple their own savings and buy themselves with the “BEST” present ever.


In my past, I was once born as the most respectful and egoistic Empress. I will murder who ever that comes in my way. This shadow has continued to haunt me in this life. I becomes lack of self confidence thinking that if my clients favours my competitor rather than me, I am not good enough. I never switch my thinking into the fact that the timing for investment may be not right.  Having to live in the shadow has made me forgotten the good side of me. I don’t fake my personalities just to get the sales in. I shower my client with care in exchange for their respect.


In conclusion, knowing my own Human Design has changed myself into a better person. Ultimately, my aim is become that ONE person who can inspire every lady to become independent. The future is for us to paint freely. Each of us are born with that One gift that is up to you to explore it.